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  1. Hi, I have been trying to write up a small library of gui widgets for modders to use. I am however having a small issue with textures. I have a spite sheet loaked at "minecraft/assets/guitoolkit/textures/gui/Toolkit.png" and am refering to it with the following static declaration. public static final ResourceLocation image = new ResourceLocation("guitoolkit","textures/gui/Toolkit.png"); I have found that minecraft will only find the texture with a class marked with the @mod annotation. Without a class such as this the textures cannot be found. I assume fml looks for assets
  2. I do intend to do this after I have fixed all the bugs associated with it. Right now think of it more of a working prototype than a finished product.
  3. Sorry likely got the html tags wrong Try this, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5780473/Mine%20%26%20Blade%20Commander/Online%20Mod%20Installer%20Test/EasyModInstaller.html
  4. @ above, Thanks I missed that one, time to beta test then. I will included a link in the OP
  5. Sure does, in fact in my 1st test demo thinggy it does install a coremod also.
  6. To Lex, Over the last week I have been developing an browser based installer for my mod using JavaFX. I have written it in a way that means that it should be able to be used by other modders who want this can easily use it (all functionality is controlled by an xml file). Right now it 1. Detects Minecraft in it's default path 2. Verifies that the minecraft version is the version required for the mod 3. Checks for Minecraft Forge a. If Forge is not detected and or out of date (and modloader is not installed) download the recommended build of forge (If this is not present, fall
  7. What I did was [*]Place the RenderPlayerAPI classes inside the minecraft.jar [*]Install Minecraft Forge source normally (should have a couple of errors in the RenderPlayer class) [*]Open Eclipse and correct the resulting errors [*]Close eclipse and run the updateMd5 script [*]Mod as normal
  8. Is there any update on this? ellipsis, did you give it a try. This could also be quite useful for my own mod. I have actually even given coding it a try (with success). Hopefully it is general enough, although might need a bit more documentation. How do I go about a pull request? And is will you be releasing any more Forge versions for the moment or just wait for a 1.3 release (which I know will be a while) Thanks nerd-boy
  9. Ahh that's no problem. I only really asked to see if there was any point me bothering releasing my next version built on Forge .120 with a little workaround for the keybinding issue or just hold off for the next recommended build. I don't mine working with the Latest builds just i don't want to recommend users to download it especially because they have enough trouble as is. I will make sure i keep you guys updated on any bugs i find to ease the development. Also thanks for all your hard work
  10. Hi, I am actually the creater of the Battlegear mod. I can confirm the keybinding issue, although you guys already know about that because it is fixed in the "Latest" releases. I even went as far to look into your code for the problem, buy the time I found the issue I found you had already fixed it in the latest buid so didn't bother submitting a bug report. I will also look into the reported stacking issue, which has the potential to actually cause quite a few errors in my mod. Hopefully my investigations may help you address the bug for a later release. Sorry if this sounds rude, b
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