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  1. Okay I figured it out. After using all you told me I went on the forge api website and found Which allows me to do exactly what I was aiming for. Thank you guys! This now works perfectly!
  2. After searching the forge api page for a while, I figured out how to use variants in smelting recipes. Simply put this in registry handler class and the load in your main class! Example). These are my two different variants in my EnumHandler, so whenever you make the smelting recipe it would look something like this for your respective variants. For Copper it would look like, In RegistryHandler.classs Lastly pop it in your Init like this And voila! You ores should be smelting correctly!
  3. After creating my own thread and looking through this one, I still have not figured out a clear answer to my problem. NO matter what I do with the code I cant give my separate Block Ore Variants smelting recipes that work. I just need an example that works because I cant get it to work despite my numerous hours of research and attempts.
  4. Lmao I don't know if i'm just dense but I still cant get it to work. The closest I come is but it keeps making me put .getBlock() at the end of the .withproperty(), or cast a block argument. and if I put the .getBlock() it makes steel smelt normally but my other ores will not smelt.
  5. So I have ran into a problem. I have all my variants set up (they are ores) and working . But I can not find out how to use them in smelting recipes. This seemed to work GameRegistry.addSmelting(BlockInit.ORE_OVERWORLD.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockOres.VARIANT, EnumType.STEEL).getBlock(), new ItemStack(ItemInit.INGOT_STEEL,8), 1000);
  6. Yeah I know I cant remove them entirely, just keep them out of the newly generated worlds, and Ill check into that, thanks!
  7. I was wondering if there was any way to remove vanilla ores from the game? I have a mod that is going to have its own system of ores and I do not want gold/diamond ores in the game. I know I can just remove the drops of these ores but I hate that they would clutter up the world. Any ideas would be great, thank you!
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