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  1. Ok so looking through the code I have already figured out this: Item.itemsList[wire.blockID] = new ItemBlockWire(wire.blockID - 256); and inside ItemBlockWire I just used public String getItemDisplayName(ItemStack par1ItemStack) But you method is more correct - but I will still use getItemDisplayName since I have to create separate item class for colored blocks anyway. And about third parameter - what is correct way for mod-uniqe blocks name? "dex3r.tile.wire" or "dex3r.wire"?
  2. Hi! I am trying to make subblock with same ID but different metadata. Wiki tutorial http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Metadata_Based_Subblocks and all tutorials I have found on the Internet are using LanguageRegistry.addName(ItemStack, String). Declaration of .addName looks like it doesnt care about metadata, but anyway... I have something like this for testing: for (int i = 0; i < 16; i++) { ItemStack wireStack = new ItemStack(wire, 1, i); LanguageRegistry.addName(wireStack, i + " wire"); } In game I got "15 wire" for every metadata. So how to do it, becouse I have
  3. No, without MFFS I have no memory leaks. Tested many times. [quote author=Zero link=topic=4530.msg26340#msg26340 date=1356929998] There is a forum dedicated specifically to FTB. If you're certain that it's not Forge, then why did you post it here of all places? Next time, I'd suggest asking at the Feed-The-Beast Forums. You're much more likely to get help with problems regarding FTB there. Its about mods, not specified FTB pack, thats why I aksed here, since IMHO here I can find more proffesional people.
  4. Ok, using Quicksort technique I am now 100% sure, that this is Modular Force Field System issue Haha fortunately I was not planning to use that mod at all. BTW. I have newest version of IC2, MFFS and Forge and already reported the issue in MFFS bugtracker.
  5. Hi! I dont know if this is appropriate section, so pls move, not delete, if its not. I am playing Direwolf20's ModPack from FTB. There is, inter alia, MystCraft. With that mod i used to travel inter some dimensions a lot. But, unfortunely, there is memory leak, which makes my client to laggy much after many that travels. After deep testing, I am sure, that its not MystCraft, MinecraftForge, Optifine nor any of my CoreMods issue. That gave me a list of only... 35 mods... Now I have no idea where even start my testing, to find guilty mod: Additional Pipes Buildcraft ChickenChunks
  6. You can simply make item Trampoline and Block trampoline like its done with Sugar Cane. Or custom rendering.
  7. Ok I can handle with 256x256 textures. But now I need to load them dynamically. FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient().renderEngine.re.refreshTextures(); is working strange. After reloading of textures I have to wait few seconds to new textures appears on the blocks. I have also pulled out out of refreshTextures() this: GL11.glGenTextures(); RenderEngine re = FMLClientHandler.instance().getClient().renderEngine; BufferedImage bi = null; ITexturePack tp = re.texturePack.getSelectedTexturePack(); InputStream is = tp.getResourceAsStream(CommonProxy.CUSTOM_BLOCK_TXT); try {
  8. Does it really need to be like this? There is no other way to use 16x16 PNG files as I used to do it with ModLoader? I really need this! I also need to have these textures loading dynamically - change texture file while playing -> change texture in game.
  9. After updating from 445 to 466 nothing changed.
  10. Hi! I have problem with custom textures on my blocks. I was following http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Tutorials/Basic_Modding and http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Tutorials/Icons_and_Textures Instead of full texture of .png file i can see only one color. For example if my texture is mostly green, the whole block is only green. When I used default stone texture from terrain.png there was only one gray color. Block: public class BlockCustomTexture extends Block { public BlockCustomTexture(int par1) { super(par1, 0, Material.rock); } @Override publi
  11. Downloading Latest version instead of recommended is the solution. Don't kill me now.
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