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  1. @diesieben07so its impossible to have an event fired when somebody hit me and to know who hit me?
  2. I am not confused, my mod is client side only and I want it to know who attacked himself when he is hit.
  3. Yes but Differentaiton didn't understand my problem
  4. I succefully get a DamageSource of the attack but DamageSource::getEntity() always return null. I saw that I needed to use EntityDamageSource but how can I convert DamageSource to EntityDamageSource ?
  5. @UgdharThe client cannot know who attacked himself ?
  6. @DifferentiationPlease read all the post and try to help me again because you are not helping me and you don't understand the problem. If you cannot understand please stop speak in this topic
  7. I know I want to be able to have an event when "thePlayer" got hitten by another entity and be able to do something like: event.getEntity() all of this client-side.
  8. Use the mod on client-side only and tell me if the event is fired
  9. Did the event fired with you in multiplayer in a server that havn't the mod on it?
  10. @DifferentiationIt's working wiht you in multiplayer with client-side mod only ?
  11. Not working, LivingAttackEvent isn't called in 1.10.2 too
  12. If I'm here this is because I don't know why it is not working. My issue: I am making a client side mod but LivingAttackEvent is never called in multiplayer
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