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  1. I sent you friendship are.Discord: Omar2001, # 0932 I no longer have the old models but I made two more beautiful ones. https://www.pinterest.it/minecraft24444/minecraft/
  2. I can not find you. Discord: Omar2001, # 0932 I no longer have the old models but I made two more beautiful ones. https://www.pinterest.it/minecraft24444/minecraft/
  3. I am creating a mod that adds fantasy monsters, such as possessed knights or deformed creatures or dark monsters. I am looking for people to help me in this project alone I can only make the model and texture (even animations but I hurt them) I am looking for someone who knows how to import it on minecraft and animate the mob so we will collaborate for the creation of this mod by also making a team of more people. write me on Discord: Omar2001, # 0932 goal to make the game more adventurous, difficult and exciting I am inspired by this mod from video games like: The Witcher 3, Dark Souls. I'm inspired by dark monsters theme. knight ice knight
  4. someone who wants to be part of my team. must have at least one of these requirements that I am looking for: !) mod programmer (above all: mob, biomes, objects, weapons and blocks). 2) good at giving realistic animations to the mobs that I will show you. 3) good at textures (they must be "Mowzie's Mobs" style) """write to me with your Discord name""" CERBERUS Guerriero della morte Demone Piccolo drago Piccolo fungo Molti piccoli funghi Fungo medio Fungo gigante rovinare Non morto più solido Troll con tamburo Valhalla Knight
  5. I could not contact you because he told me that my box was full
  6. If you are good at planning the mods I would like you on my team
  7. if you really can not. at least do you know someone who can help me?
  8. But in the meantime he enters the group I created of Discord. We'll organize when you have free time. or when you have nothing to do
  9. Thanks so much! Can you make textures? or programming?
  10. I'm loook for a mod (mob) programmer. The same look for a plot and another person who can animate the mob similar to the Mowzies mod. my mod wants to improve Overword and Nether maybe even at the End. making it more adventurous is dangerous. It looks like Dark Suols but it's not the same thing. no dimension I think it is not the biome at most. CERBERUS Warrior of death Little demon dragon Small mushroom Many small mushroom Medium mushroom Giant mushroom Ruin Undead Solidier Troll with drum Valhalla Knight
  11. HomixHD

    Youtube: HomixHD

    my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0UmGYf5jjdSX6TmUnbtr8Q I show you my Youtube channel for those interested in Minecraft .. much more .. But also because this way I can respond more quickly if you have questions about the purpose of creating the Minecraft mod project
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