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  1. It's giving the server owners insights on what mods their users use, which is never disclosed anywhere. Unethical. Forge is a modding platform, I understand this may help in detecting hackers, but something like this can be easily exploited.
  2. Created a client-side mod, connected to my server, and saw the option to see the full mods list the users use. Figured out this should be displayed only if the mod as any connection to that server. Turnes out it's not the case.
  3. Meh, I don't like that idea. Hacked clients will name their mod something else that's undetectable anyways. This is just weird
  4. True, but I'd give the user the option to choose if they want to share this info with the server owners or not, or the mod creators. Mind you it's not the big servers that can see this, this is any server out there.
  5. It's not like the mod creators can't change the id and the name of the mod. Idk, the whole idea of the server knowing everything I use is kinda creepy
  6. Nobody is talking about hacking, why does the server need to know what mods I'm using.
  7. Is it possible to create a client-side only mod that is not displayed in the handshake packet?
  8. Hello, I've added a client-side command using CommandBase and IClientCommand. I would like to execute it at times without the need to write the command in chat. I tried achieving this using Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.sendMessage("/commandName"); However, is sent the command to the server and ignored the existence of the client sided command.
  9. Hello, I would like to send a client-side message with a link, is there a way the link will automatically be clickable from a string only? Just like sending a regular chat message? (without the blue underline text)
  10. I am using the most simple way of implementing CommandBase and setting its variables in order to register a command, for some reason when I write the name of the command without a backslash it still executes as if it was a command. Why is this happening? @Override public String getName() { return "thing"; } @Override public String getUsage(ICommandSender sender) { return "/thing"; } @Override public List<String> getAliases() { return Arrays.asList(new String[] { "thing", "thingst" }); } @Override public void execute(MinecraftServer server, ICommandSender sender, String[] args) throws CommandException { // execute the command here } public int getRequiredPermissionLevel() { return 0; }
  11. Why is it happening only at random occasions then?
  12. I have a code that uses ExecutorService to execute code async from the client so the game doesn't freeze. In rare occasions the game will actually crash after playing a sound, can this be possible? java.util.ConcurrentModificationException: null at com.google.common.collect.HashBiMap$Itr.hasNext(HashBiMap.java:401) ~[guava-21.0.jar:?] at net.minecraft.client.audio.SoundManager.func_148605_d(SoundManager.java:252) ~[chm.class:?]
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