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  1. Reading up on it it would seem this is in fact legal.
  2. Hmm. Quick question, do the Forge downloads contain decompiled Minecraft code? Or do you download it during the installation? I'm guessing it's the latter? Reason for the question:
  3. Idk why the last 2 posts disappeared. Builders/Roleplayers use them for many things. They make great ink pots among other things. And what about if I wanted to build a garden centre or flower shop, or maybe just a nice house/garden? Would I not use them? I'm not saying people can't just use that bit of code you suggested but as you said about the buckets, convenience.
  4. I'm pretty sure that they found a way around it. Why not ask them?
  5. Now I know that this is probably a hard thing to consider but some servers/players are struggling because they used to be able to load plugins and mods side by side on their server and access a lot of cool features from both. Things that people used plugins for include permissions, donor rewards, vote rewards and server management (as there has always been an odd lack of those sort of mods) and now because of the DMCA takedown of Bukkit that occurred they don't have them anymore. Everybody thought that Bukkit/Spigot and their variants were finished and started looking towards Sponge as their hope for the future. Unfortunately, Spigot managed to pull through the disaster, this means that a lot of plugins that people use like factions and server management ones didn't bother to switch to Sponge. In fact, most developers still use Spigot and this leaves modded communities in the lurch after 1.7.10 because Cauldron didn't manage to pull through. I understand what I'm suggesting might be difficult and I don't understand much about code but I think that it must be possible to slowly code Spigot into Forge. This would really help players like myself that like to run modded communities. I myself would love to be able to use the Movecraft plugin on a modded server but it seems that such luxuries may never again be possible unless the developers of Forge and Spigot work to combine the two.
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