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  1. All I know about 1.14 is that it's getting a new rendering engine, I don't know of anything else important though
  2. I haven't really been paying attention to what's going on with the forge update for 1.13, but should we expect the update to 1.14 to take as long? Just curious, it doesn't matter.
  3. Hi, I was making a Forge server for me and a group of friends and everything went smoothly for the past week. I turned the server off when I went to bed, and once I woke up, I restarted the server only for it to instantly close. I have no idea what is causing this. I tried everything. Reinstalling, making a new server, deleting each and every single mod I was using, and no luck. I've been trying to fix this for over 2 hours and I have no idea what is going on. As a last resort I decided to make an account here in hope that someone will help me fix the issue. Thanks
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