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  1. Hey guys I had a question. In the early 100 builds, Worldedit (the hack&slash build)would work with the modded blocks, but in the newer 180+ (I'm using 240) builds that functionality is no longer working of me. Anyone else having this issue, or am I just an idiot and don't have the correct build.
  2. What build of craftbukkit is this running off. Need it to find the correct plugin builds. Also WE seems to be broken with build 109. Thanks for ur hard work.
  3. We need a sub thread for the plugins that work, kinda work, and broken. CoreProtect: broken [block logger] FrogAnnounce: Works [aannouncer] GroupManager: Broken [permissions] GriefPrevention: broken [protection] TreeFeller: Works [utility/fun]
  4. EPIC!! Thanks for all your work! But I have a few requests: GreifPrevention compatibility. I works but many features broken. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/grief-prevention/ CoreProtect compatibility Also work but will not rollback non vanilla blocks. It detects them if they were removed but not placed. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/coreprotect/ And A little help. The perms load, I set them up, and I can assign groups to my players, but it does't auto assign them nor are they able to use any commands while in their groups. I have tried both PermissionsEx and GroupManager. All commands seem to work fine if you are OP. Thanks again
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