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  1. I was able to come up with a solution to my issue, and I would like to make my solution visible to this community. It is as follows: Keepcalm, I did end up going a different direction, but I do appreciate your advice and example code. It is always helpful to see how other programmers are accomplishing similar problems.
  2. Hello, I'm attempting to rewrite a minecraftforge method in net.minecraft.block.Block, boolean removeBlockByPlayer(World, EntityPlayer, Int, Int, Int) I start by first removing the original method with a ClassVisitor and an overloaded visitMethod that returns null. I then try to use a MethodVisitor to rewrite the bytecode. Unfortunately, it seems to be rewriting the net.minecraft.block.Block constructor rather than the intended function, though I have determined that removeBlockByPlayer is indeed deleted by iterating through the ClassNode.methods list. My code is as follows: FML output is as follows: I apologize for any silly mistakes I may have made. I primarily code in C/C++ and have only recently taken an interest in Minecraft modding.
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