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  1. How would I go about's with Initializing that then?
  2. When I use this like (below) the item loads up fine just as a normal item public static final Item corn_seed = new ItemBase("corn_seed").setCreativeTab(Main.tabAncientFood); and yet the moment I change it to this and refer it to ItemCornSeed the seeds get removed from the game and cant be found public static final Item corn_seed = new ItemCornSeed("corn_seed").setCreativeTab(Main.tabAncientFood);
  3. So I am following ShadowFacts Modding tutorial for crops and I am copying word for word and I and encountering a problem where I cant get my cornSeed's to register and be added to the game. Ill paste the code of what I have below. I have attempted this 4 times starting new each time and every time I encounter the exact same thing. ItemCornSeed package com.shadowavana.egypt.items; import com.shadowavana.egypt.Main; import com.shadowavana.egypt.init.ModBlocks; import com.shadowavana.egypt.init.ModItems; import com.shadowavana.egypt.util.ItemModelProvider; import net.minecraft.init.Blocks; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemSeeds; public class ItemCornSeed extends ItemSeeds implements ItemModelProvider { public ItemCornSeed() { super(ModBlocks.cropCorn, Blocks.FARMLAND); setUnlocalizedName("corn_seed"); setRegistryName("corn_seed"); } public void registerItemModel(Item item) { Main.proxy.registerItemRenderer(item, 0, "corn_seed"); } } ModItems public static final Item corn = new ItemBase("corn").setCreativeTab(Main.tabAncientFood); public static ItemCornSeed cornSeed = new ItemCornSeed(); public static void register(IForgeRegistry<Item> registry) { registry.registerAll( // ... corn ); } public static void registerModels() { // ... corn.registerItems(); } BlockCornCrop public class BlockCropCorn extends BlockCrops { public BlockCropCorn() { setUnlocalizedName("crop_corn"); setRegistryName("crop_corn"); } @Override protected Item getSeed() { return ModItems.cornSeed; } @Override protected Item getCrop() { return ModItems.corn; } } ModBlocks public static BlockCropCorn cropCorn = new BlockCropCorn(); @SubscribeEvent public static void register(IForgeRegistry<Block> registry) { registry.registerAll( // ... cropCorn ); Any help is greatly appreciated, If I need to post anything else that I missed I will.
  4. Hello fellow modders, I'm creating a new world type at the moment of just a desert and like we all know there isn't much downfall in hot arid deserts but what there is are Sand Storm and thought it might be cool to add that as a custom downfall rather than have rain or snow. where would I start to create a new downfall? Was just going to have like heavy fog, with a color to it for now
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