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  1. hello, i'm trying to make a new recipe but i doesn't work this is my recipe code 72: GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(this.DragonPickAxe, 1), "PPP", " S ", " S ", mod_runescape.DragonBar, 'S', Item.stick); this is my error i get
  2. That's what my Minecraft_Server.jar says
  3. Hello, I have some SMP issues but i can't get it fixed I'm making a mod and i want to run it on my server to i have installed forge on both on my client everythings works when i run my server i get no error the mod is loaded but when i try to connect i get a screen on my client with nothing only on the buttom a "done" button i can't find a error report only on my server console it says "end.of.stream" Can someone help Maby i'm doing something whrong in my code Here is my code Please can someone help i'm trying to fix it already 4 days:( mod_runescape.class CommonProxy.class ClientProxy.class
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