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  1. Thanks LexManos and HM! You have been very helpful. Indeed, it was a single config file that was misplaced. Cheers!
  2. Getting a crash with latest forge release. Can someone tell me why? I don't have optifine installed. Here is the crash:
  3. I see. Thanks for the quick answer! Also, i love your MOD's.
  4. Hey guys! Just downloaded the lastest Forge Release for Minecraft, and i'm getting trouble while installing optifine with it. Any ideas on this? Thanks for the help!
  5. Hello Members of MinecraftForge! I've been using Vanilla-Forge servers, and for quite a long time. But after updating to 1.4.2, or 6.0.1, I'm having some issues. I use a server with 44 MOD's. All without block id's conflict and issues. Everything working clean. But now i'm having a extremely high lag (For users and including myself), and i have a very good PC Processor (Phenom II 1110) Client-side, everything runs smoothly, but when they enter the server, it gets all crappy. And yes, i allocate more memory to the server startup. Is there anyway i can solve this issue? Tha
  6. Yeah, did not work. Same error, folk. =/
  7. I installed forge after MLMP... That was very explicit in my post <sigh> But i'll try to install everything all over again, and try it.
  8. Thanks! The error is this one: I installed first ModLoader and ModloaderMP in my minecraft.jar. Then i installed forge. Everything works properly even the MODs in the .minecraft/mods folder. Singleplayer is up and running. But when i try to login to my own server, or my friends, they get a blackscreen. I researched all over google, but could not find similar problems or even solutions to this. I have the original minecraft version. MODS I'm using: WeaponMOD CraftingTableIII AnimalBikes All compatible to forge 1.2.5. Thanks!
  9. Hello folks! Here's Wakigawa. I recently created a modded server using MinecraftForge, and when i try to join it, Minecraft goes blackscreen and stand there forever. How can i fix it? I appreaciate your help. <3 Everything is correctly setup, modloadermp is not installed in the server.jar, I got all the mods working perfectly and so on.
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