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  1. I use Windows 10 and I downloaded the latest version of Forge (1.12.2 - I was then told all I needed to do for using Mods in Minecraft was the find the Mod and add the files to the \minecraft file structure Forge created. Problem is, the structure it says it has doesn't exist when I manually try to navigate to it. See screenshot below. When I do a file search for "Forge" it shows that this file is in C:\Users\Noel\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft... But when I pop open Explorer to get there, there is no "AppData" anywhere to be found. I can get to C:\Users\Noel but then that's it. No searching can turn anything up. I'd really like to use some Mods but I'm stumped. Any help would be super appreciated. Sorry for what I'm sure is a pretty rookie question!
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