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  1. Terminal said "Unable to access jar file minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar" when I either used the start.command file recommended by Cadiboo or when I pasted the code he/she suggested into terminal. At first I thought this was a naming error, but I checked several times and the file is still named "minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar". I'm a noob when it comes to coding servers, but I think at this point is was just an error in the code. I found other code online that worked with the normal server file but not the forge file, and the code Cadiboo gave me didn't work for either. The code that worked for the normal server but not forge was: #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar nogui I'm using the latest version of Java (JDK) downloaded from Oracle, Java SE V9.0.4 I changed the code so that it said "minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar", which is the name of my file. As for the files being in the same place, I cannot find a single tutorial in which they put the two files in different places.
  2. Unfortunately this didn't work. I've been able to get minecraft_server.jar to launch, both by opening the file and by using a start.command. The command I have previously used is: #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar minecraft_server.jar The above command worked for the minecraft_server.jar but not for forge. I tried using your command but it didn't work for either normal or forge. I also tried using the command you advised in terminal, and that didn't work.
  3. I've been trying to start up a forge server unsuccessfully. I'm using a Mac, and I've watched countless videos and read tutorials and followed their instructions, but forge doesn't seem to work. Strangely enough, the normal Minecraft server file works fine. But if I double-click the forge-universal.jar file nothing happens for ~10 seconds, then I get a message saying "The Java Jar File could not be launched. Check the console for errors." I checked the console running the filter "jar", and every time I ran the forge file I received a notification in the console at the exactly when the error message popped up on my screen, roughly 10 seconds after I opened the file. The console notification: "17:07:54.006305 -0700 Jar Launcher LSExceptions shared instance invalidated for timeout." I currently have no mods installed. There is no log to upload! Thanks for your time, Adam
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