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  1. Thanks guys for your help, I've found the problem. Btw I kinda know what the error report means. Loves to you kind fellows for helping me out.
  2. any suggestion on what patcher I should use? coz I'm lazy as sh*t to put everything in the jar and finding it not working out as I thought it would.
  3. I'm too lazy to remove class files from the jar or mods file.. ^^ Its all automatically replaced by MCPatcher not manually deleted..
  4. I have no idea what is the matter but when I hit Esc or look at a certain block, my Minecraft crash. And I don't even know what block/item/sprite makes my game crash D= I've never get a AnvilChunkLoader error before in my history of fails. I forgot something.. The mods order according to MCPatcher minecraftforge-client- ModLoaderMP 1.2.5 v1 Optifine_1.2.5_HD_S_C3 CodeChickenCore-Client 0.5.2 NotEnoughItems-Client 1.2.2 WorldAndGenerationTweaksMod-v0.7.0-mc1.2.5 [1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.0_04 NEI_ThaumcraftPlugin NEIPatch (for FarmCraft I think) FPS++ frlc_c_1.4 (fewer ravine lesser cave) Backpack_CLIENT_1-2-5 Coal to Diamond v3 (craft coal + flint + sulphur to diamond) FarmCraft_V1.0.3_minecraft_v1.2.5 More-XP_1-2-5 ODM (1.2.5) (Ore Drop More) Crossbows V2.3
  5. Ya I know right, but its the only version that is compatible with Thaumcraft 2 and ID Resolver mod. Most of the users of Thaumcraft 2 suggested to use what I'm using, Forge and I saw a person stated that he was using Anyway I tried an updated version. AND IT WORKED! I actually needed to update and set Forge to the first priority in MCPatcher. Thanks for your help!! Thaumcraft 2: dont use 121, forge works fine with latest EE and Thaumcraft 2.1.6c http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/838839-125-thaumcraft-216c-updated-on-762012/page__st__17040 ID Resolver: mDiyo's 4096 Fix Updated by Pahimar (Requires Forge. Same as above, but was designed to support up to Forge Make SURE you download the version with IDResolver support.) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/366377-125id-resolver-update-1/
  6. Starting up Minecraft is fine but not when in a world and all my mods are loaded perfectly with MCPatcher with no left outs. I've done the most research I can do on Google but I can't find any solution for my problem. I am really clueless on what to do now. I can only play on vanilla Minecraft until I get a fix or use mods without forge (Asian English ^^) Crash log
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