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  1. I have no clue on how you add a command to Minecraft. The commands like /help, /clear, /kill if you're wondering.
  2. Apparently Forge has a ModLoader class that adds some more features. Is this method abstract or not recommended? And the link to that in the javadoc: http://jd.minecraftforge.net/cpw/mods/fml/common/modloader/package-frame.html
  3. I'm trying to make Nether Ores, and when I try and load certain Minecraft Forge and ModLoader classes, they will give me this error (from eclipse's console:) http://pastebin.com/4J8yK74g. The code can be found here: http://pastebin.com/p55Bi9r2. The classes I experienced were the ones with MinecraftForgeClient.preloadTexture("/jc/NetherOre/textures/nOres.png"); ModLoader.registerBlock(this); The error is because of the preloadTexture. Can someone figure out what the problem is?
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