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  1. I've been pondering the nature of forge mod loader wondering how it's possible I always thought mods were kinda officially supported but after doing a little modding I kinda got this idea in my mind where they decompiled minecraft and hooked into one of the preloading classes but that seems like a LOT of work for every minecraft release... Does forge depend on the minecraft release? I mean did they have to fix a decomp and make it run or is there something that allows them to indirectly target and execute methods and such? <Other implicit questions I should be asking but don't even know how to phrase?>
  2. Then whatever form it comes when you are at the stage you can work with it. A zip/rar/etc is fine.
  3. Actually yes. And the reason why you are wrong is because you have made assumptions without all the information. My laptops only source of Internet is my mobile tether puts off 11kb/s. However my phone still has unlimited high speed data upwards of 2mb/s. Unfortunately gradle won't run on a smart phone (and downloading it on my laptop is to slow) but I can still download the jar (on my phone) and transfer it to my computer via usb. *** I still need this!
  4. Can somebody please upload the source of this version of minecraft forge in it's compiled .jar format? I can't use gradle because my internet is to slow.
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