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  1. So, really wok, when i enter in the worl don't appear ''internal exception: java.nio.channels.closedchannelexception''. It's normal. I remove: CTM-MC Chisel Llibrary Malisiscore cxlibrary iceandfire malisisdoors morefurnaces inventorytweaks TContruct But, who mods i can put again?
  2. It's really necessary? Llibrary is need to Ice and Fire mod ( i really like ), and Inventory Tweaks ( i really like too :c ) But now the game crash in ''initializing minecraft engine'' crash file:
  3. I try again, when i enter before i was kick i try f3+t and just crash. Edit: happens with other modpacks too crash file:
  4. When i spawn, are only the spawn chunk load and after a few seconds i get disconnected, and after that I see this messagee ''internal exception: java.nio.channels.closedchannelexception'' it eventually goes to the multiplayer screen , anyone can help? Log file:
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