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  1. @Draco18s Well obviously, however I'm wondering if I could get a quick rundown example of how this would work. I'm not asking for anything too serious, just an idea of what my could should be similar to that way I have structure to go off of.
  2. @Draco18s I'm having trouble with the entire concept. Am I supposed to create the Entity, make a 2D sprite, give it a basic model & renderer? Also, if I sent you a video of how Jin did it in his mod, would you be able to help me more in understanding exactly what is going on?
  3. If any of you are familiar with JinRyuu's DBC mod, I'm trying to replicate his Aura system, but this is also for me learning exactly how entities work. In his code, he registers his Entity, Model, and Renderer just like any other entity, but the entity sprite is 2D, and it gives off an Aura effect. How could I create something similar?
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