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    ima teh minecratf geniuz 10000% i swur
  1. I searched for it on my own, but I didn't get a solution because my Launcher isn't programmed in Java. Argh... Thank's anyway, it works now .
  2. Yes, I know, sorry. Thanks again for the reply . I'm just going to post the log here: 2012-10-15 14:56:21 [iNFO] Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft c:1.2.5, s:1.2.5 loading 2012-10-15 14:56:21 [FINE] No mod directory found, creating one: C:\Users\Clark\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods 2012-10-15 14:56:21 [FINE] Attempting to load mods contained in the minecraft jar file and associated classes 2012-10-15 14:56:21 [FINE] Found a minecraft related file at C:\Users\Clark\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft2\bin\minecraft.jar, loading My launcher does launch the minecraft.
  3. Thanks LexManos! I decompiled Minecraft using MCP, opened Minecraft.java, changed the line with getMinecraftDir() from to minecraft to minecraft2 , recompiled it and reobfuscated it and copied the Minecraft.class into minecraft.jar. Forge still uses the mods-Folder from .minecraft and not .minecraft2 (also it creates the logs in .minecraft). I'm not really skilled in Java (yet), so (but in other programming languages)... Any advice?
  4. I hope this is the correct board! Hello there Minecrafters, is there any way to change the "mods"-Directory? I know, there are serveral threads out there, but no one of them really helped me. So, I created a launcher that launches Minecraft from another working-directory (instead of .minecraft it's .minecraft2 for example). Now, when Forge is installed, the minecraft.jar from the .minecraft2-Directory uses the "mods"-Folder from .minecraft. Is there any way to change the "mods"-Directory (maybe with modding)? I looked for that in the .cfg-File, nothing found. The strange thing is
  5. Thanks Zero for your reply! Don't you mean that Forge has a built in replacement for ModLoader? Well, I know that it shouldn't be compatible with MLMP and I believe all of you, but the strange thing is that it works if you just install MLMP before Forge... Now, that this normally shouldn't work, I think that there are any disadvantages and that I better do not use MLMP mods until they are ported to Forge... Well, I'm just going to reinstall Forge without ModLoader, ModLoaderMP and AudioMod and I hope that it will work... But it's strange, that it works... EDIT: I've just red that Forg
  6. Hello dear users, I know there are serveral related threads out there and I also know the answer myself, but I want to verify my thoughts by asking you the following: I downgraded my Minecraft to 1.2.5 again because I like that version more, many more mods are compatible with 1.2.5 instead of 1.3.2. The way I always used my modded Minecraft was by installing ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, Forge and then AudioMod. Now I red that Forge loads the mods from ModLoader without installing ModLoader and also replaces AudioMod. That's fine. I also know that ModLoaderMP isn't compatible with Forge, but I a
  7. Already saw it! That's amazing! I got it already EPIC! I hope it will work with "ID Resolver" Is it included in "Forge"?
  8. Hello dear Minecraftforge-Forums! I'm new here, but I wanted to ask you something. I have installed "ID Resolver". Link: This mod requieres one of the listed fixes, but I have "Minecraftforge" installed and NOT one of the fixes (when I use the "ID Resolver" alone it works, with a fix not and with only a fix it works), but it shows up that I have about 3000+ free IDs left. I red that Forge includes a fix. Is that true? Thanks Clark
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