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  1. Aha! I'm sorry. I misunderstood you. This is my first time using attribute modifiers. I'll apply a modifier to the attribute. Also, I was changing the speed on the client because I was originally using player.capabilities.setPlayerWalkSpeed(.15f); which threw no such method on the server. But I'll do it on the server now. Thank you!! You're right. But I don't know what you mean by ignore the packet. Anyways I'm doing it on the server now.
  2. Packet Handler: Packet: Registering It: EDIT: I've tried setting the attribute in many places and it has the same effect. It works until I sprint. I tried saving the value from the packet to the client then setting the speed to it on KeyInputEvent but that fires before the player sprints. If there was a sprint event I could set it there.
  3. I already tried that. It gets reset when the player sprints. EDIT: I mean, it works. But is reset when the player sprints.
  4. I'm trying to change the players speed from the server. I am sending a packet to the client that does Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.capabilities.setPlayerWalkSpeed(.15f); But it only changes the FOV and it seems inverted. I thought maybe it was a problem with the way I was sending the packet to the client but it does the same thing when I set the speed from the client. In singleplayer it works fine. Is there a better way I can set the speed from the server? I don't want to use potion effects.
  5. Ah! Well it is possible to mod Bedrock Edition but would probably be a bad idea for a beginner. It kind of sounds like you want to make your own Minecraft like game. If you use Forge or MCP then when you share it you will have to call it a "Minecraft" mod since it uses Minecraft's source. But if you want to call it your own thing you should just make your own game/engine. In which case you could use Java, C++, or any other language. Just do your research about each language. I like C# with MonoGame! Either way good luck
  6. I would recommend learning Java. Modding Bedrock Edition is MUCH harder. I feel like the main purpose of Forge is to allow a lot of different mods to run together. If a lot of mods changed Minecraft's source and some of them changed the same files then they would be incompatible. Forge mostly fixes that issue. But if you don't want this mod to run with other mods and since you won't update the mod for newer versions of Minecraft and you are removing a lot of content I think you should just work with Minecraft's source itself. So you should use the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP).
  7. Aah, I see what you mean. Less code now. ItemStackHelper.loadAllItems(compound, itemlist); Right?
  8. Here's exactly what I did to convert the nbt tag to an itemstack. ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(nbttaglist.get(i)); Anyways, I figured out how to do this in that class you told me to look in. Thanks again for the help. EDIT: Oh yea it's in a for loop because it's a list of NBTTagCompounds. That's why there's an i.
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Really? I think it's working.
  10. Oh wow you can create an itemstack straight from that nbt tag. new ItemStack(NBTTagCompound); Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  11. Hm, should I use ItemStackHelper.loadAllItems(NBTTagCompound, itemlist)? That looks right. I have no idea what tag I should put in there though.
  12. I'm trying to take the NBT data from a shulkerbox ItemStack and turn it's contents into a list of ItemStacks. I couldn't find any examples of anyone doing this so I tried doing it myself. So far I have an NBTBase list with things such as: {Slot:0b,id:"minecraft:diamond_sword",Count:1b,tag:{ench:[{lvl:3s,id:16s}]},Damage:0s} I can think of a couple of ways to convert this. But nothing simple. Any ideas?
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