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  1. thanks for the help it is much appreciated. I will have a look at the mod. Don't suppose you know of any tutorials. Yikes, i don't really understand much of that. Here my thoughts I could use String playerS = "playername"; MinecraftServer var1 = MinecraftServer.getServer(); EntityPlayerMP entityplayermp = var1.getConfigurationManager().getPlayerForUsername(playerS); to find the player and entityplayermp.playerNetServerHandler.setPlayerLocation(entityplayermp3.posX, entityplayermp3.posY, entityplayermp3.posZ, entityplayermp3.rotationYaw, entityplayermp3.rotationPitch); to move the player to the right spot (but that doesn't do head rotation too right)? But I don't know how to call this every tick, just once with an icommand.
  2. I am trying to make another player be able to follow another player (head movements included) in multiplayer. Any ideas on how I would go about this?
  3. What really needs to happen with each update is a quick note on how to update your mod. This last update left a lot of people confused when the process was actually pretty easy
  4. There was a lot of code to show. The error seemed to be build 467 someone suggested i move to 477 and it stopped having the problem in case anyone else comes accross this.
  5. I have a mod and i just upgraded it to 1.4.6 Now the single player runs fine, world creation is good, however the server doesn't read the chunks correctly and many display incorrectly. I really need to urgently fix this. Does anyone know what my problem might be? Thanks
  6. The Answer is make a package in src and press shift control o on each class to update imports!
  7. Where should I put my mod package? Where should I put the client proxy? Thanks
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