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  1. Yeeeaaahhh.... Just very excited about my new server having everything up an running but don't really want to pull people over from my current one till the hardcore feature is working. Could be waiting till Feb 1st for all the mods to be updated. I suppose if it's very easy for someone awesome, if not then the wait isn't so bad
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, sadly it's not an option in v1.4.5, i'd do v1.4.6 but most of my mods don't agree with the new version yet. "A mod that bans players on death for v1.4.5"
  3. A mod that bans players on death for v1.4.5 (willing to donate a few bucks to the creator upon completion). There's mods for bukkit but none for Forge. I'd install bukkit with forge but it doesn't play nice with a lot of the mods i'm using such as MoCreatures. *Optional Extras* - Bans for a set period of time. - After death allows players to talk but not play for a set period of time before ban. - Sets player re-spawn location to spawn area. Worst-case, I could make do with a mod that shows player deaths in the server log so I could make an application to manage the ban list accordingly. At the moment it only shows player kills. Thankyou for your consideration!
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