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  1. Looks like a major screwup in binding the texture for the blocks. I can see bits of the texture for the loading screen panorama. In fact, I'd redownload the game in case you got a corrupted game jar somehow.
  2. shiftedIndex error is now resolved! As for the anim loop, should there be an int 'anim' and the number attached to it should be in a loop? Say it is now 1, and then waits one tick before changing to 2. Then it waits another tick and goes to 3. Another tick, and it sees the four so it goes 1 again. Also how do I get it to wait for a tick (or multiple ticks?)
  3. http://images.wikia.com/drullkus-industries/images/8/89/Screen_Shot_2012-12-31_at_12.46.15_AM.png[/img] Apparently there's an error here. (Just to say: The way I wanted it to animate was to have animate at least in the player's hand, no right/left clicking. It doesn't have to animate in the item bar.)
  4. Haha, I did remove the little text that came with the piece of code. Mediafire
  5. I have no idea if that helped, because when I loaded the world with the item in my inventory, minecraft suddenly crashed when I switched to the item in my itembar. ('Entity Render' crash)
  6. I find it disturbing that I'm putting this piece of code into wrong places, is there any example code on this? (I'm learning modding, with 1.4.6)
  7. (I'm not entirely fluent in java) I have no idea what the parameters are? public int getIconIndex(ItemStack stack, int renderPass, EntityPlayer player, ItemStack usingItem, int useRemaining)
  8. I am trying to make tools with animations, and I tried searching everywhere with no success. I have uploaded the sprite sheet below. EDIT: I am trying to create a single animation with item slots 1, 2, 3 and another animation with 5, 6, 7, 8. (0 and 4 are something else). Does anyone have ideas on how to animate tools?
  9. That clears things up a whole lot, thank you so much!
  10. I can't really tell you're actually serious... EDIT: So everything that the guides say that goes into the common/src now all goes into src?
  11. So, my first time trying to mod with forge has gone off to a bad start. I tried decompiling 1.4.6 with the Forge source kit, for about 5 times now. My computer seems to decompile fine with only MCP with the outcome being all of the directories intact in Eclipse. However, when I load the Forge source into Eclipse, one of the (apparently) important directories are missing. The Common Directory is missing. Is there some hidden step that I'm missing? I tried restarting my Comp, reinstalling Eclipse, updating Java, grabbing a fresh Minecraft.jar, got mcpP725, and got the recommended version of Forge. My Computer is a Mac OS X Lion, if that accounts to anything. Any ideas, or help to resolve this issue?
  12. Yes, official tutorials would help a lot, especially when the tutorials that I find go all over the place.
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