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  1. We now have a pvp battleground accessible via signs in spawn. Look out for the red and blue brothers!
  2. Server is back up after migrating hosts earlier today. We also now have our own reddit; make sure to drop by! https://www.reddit.com/r/WildWestFrontier/
  3. Wild West Frontier has been updated to version 3.23 - Updated multiple gun sounds - Added Dynamic Surroundings - Added SoundFilters - Added Chatbubbles - Added litemod - Removed MC+ mods - Fixed gunsmiths table, flintlock is now craftable. - Doubled damage of sharps rifle - Changed ammo type of sharps rifle to 45/70 and added it to gunsmiths. - Increased default FoV - Fixed henry (unscoped) reload - Fixed scoped versions of henry/sharps being uncraftable. - Added Morpheus serverside - Added 4 new music tracks
  4. Our wild west website is now back up and running - sorry for the inconvenience!
  5. Official Discord http://wildwest.retg.net Welcome to the official Minecraft Forum thread for Wild West Frontier. Please feel free to add any feedback, suggestions, images or videos in this thread. About The Pack: The server is based around the old west. It features open world pvp where only spawn is safe. We use towny to encourage players to band together and work as a team to protect themselves from bandits and prosper. We have custom guns from the historic west including repeater rifles, revolvers, shotguns and scoped rifles. To encourage PvP and raiding,
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