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  1. ok I figured it out and I reatly thank yo for your time, I probably wouldn't have done it otherwise, thank you so much :D!
  2. I did, and I tried to do what I found but the cmd said it didn't recognize the .jar as a .bat or .exe... It wouldn't let me run it
  3. How do I run a jar via command line? And thank you for walking me through this
  4. When I run the forge jar it opens a server window then closes about 3 seconds afterwards
  5. ok, so my mods are only working in my client. thank you! do you know how to fix this? I have my mods I wan't in the mods folder of the forge server like this: server folder: Mods in server mod folder: Do you by any chance know why my server isn't recognizing the mods?
  6. Hello everyone When I play in my forge server, I can't craft any modded items, I have NEI and I can use it to see crafting recipes and I can use mod items but I can't craft them. I can't craft vanilla minecraft items but I'm not allowed to craft any modded minecraft items. It's like their not their at all, if I put the items in the crafting grid it doesn't even show up in the output box. It's not a glitched invisible item, and this happens to all modded items I try to craft. I'm trying to play on na modded survival server with friends but it really ruins it if we can't craft any mo
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