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  1. Nice, I was hoping that was how it would work. Having problems with the render at the moment so have not been able to test completely. But that is a worry I can set aside now. Thanks. Once I get everything working I will report back how it went just for the curious.
  2. So in 1.15 I had variants [ex. small, medium, large] and each has a different scale as well as damage, appearance etc based on a index associated with the mob when spawned. how does the new way of doing things with AttributeModifierMap.MutableAttribute setCustomAttributes effect this before I waste a lot of time. because this part GlobalEntityTypeAttributes.put(ModEntities.BOBCAT.get(), BobcatEntity.setCustomAttributes().create()); kind of suggest it is global, effects the mob as a whole.
  3. Could someone cover how they handle libraries and multiple mod development [preferably in eclipse but IntelliJ as well would be a good pointer in the right direction] As a example... Say you have two mods and a common library.. how you would manage this. Or point to a good up to date tutorial relevant to current IDE's. Found a few online but they depend on older eclipse for functions of the application that seem to no longer exist in newer versions. CURRENT SETUP Currently I have a GRADLE Multi-Project Build running. I'm able to use the run_client for each mod as a stand alon
  4. Solved, that was the answer I made the tags json using the "wall_torch" version of each torch and then use that to get the other information i needed. { "replace": false, "values": [ "minecraft:wall_torch", "minecraft:redstone_wall_torch", "minecraft:soul_wall_torch" ] } Then I was able to get the item using the wall_torch blocks and then from the item I could get the normal torch blocks. Kind of backwards way around but it worked.
  5. though of an idea... in my tags json I can do ""minecraft:redstone_wall_torch" and then use Item.getItemFromBlock(blockIn) to get the Item instead of the other way around. I'll give it a try and report back.
  6. in items class we have... public static final Item TORCH = register(new WallOrFloorItem(Blocks.TORCH, Blocks.WALL_TORCH, (new Item.Properties()).group(ItemGroup.DECORATIONS))); and in blocks we have... public static final Block SOUL_TORCH = register("soul_torch", new TorchBlock(AbstractBlock.Properties.create(Material.MISCELLANEOUS).doesNotBlockMovement().zeroHardnessAndResistance().setLightLevel((state) -> { return 10; }).sound(SoundType.WOOD), ParticleTypes.SOUL_FIRE_FLAME)); public static final Block SOUL_WALL_TORCH = register("soul_wall_torch", new WallTorchBlo
  7. Could be. That makes sense compared with how they do do the range(32) which is basically 0-31. I get a chance I will do some testing with some xray and see how different settings work out. Figured I would see if someone knew the answer before I started too far down the rabbit hole.
  8. I tried tracing the code but that went off the rails pretty quick. what does topOffset do? some samples from the minecraft code... public static final ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> ORE_GRAVEL_NETHER = register("ore_gravel_nether", Feature.ORE.withConfiguration(new OreFeatureConfig(OreFeatureConfig.FillerBlockType.NETHERRACK, Features.States.GRAVEL, 33)).withPlacement(Placement.RANGE.configure(new TopSolidRangeConfig(5, 0, 37))).square().func_242731_b(2)); public static final ConfiguredFeature<?, ?> ORE_BLACKSTONE = register("ore_blackstone", Feature.ORE.withConfiguration(ne
  9. Solved found the Waddles mod on Github learned what I needed from it.
  10. think the BiomeLoadingEvent event was what i was looking for the example was using another event. off to give it a try now.
  11. Trying to upgrade to 1.16.4.... Every tutorial or anything i find on here has... biome.getSpawns(EntityClassification.CREATURE) seems most examples I am finding are for 1.16.1 but anyhow.. when I try I get ... "The method getSpawns(EntityClassification) is undefined for the type Biome" Any pointers in the right directions.
  12. colorInt = BiomeColors.getGrassColor(targetEntity.world, new BlockPos(entityX, entityY, entityZ)); seems to get the same value as colorInt = targetEntity.world.getBiome(new BlockPos(entityX, entityY, entityZ)).getGrassColor(entityX, entityZ); Need something to get the tint of the color being used in the biome, found some talk about a colorizeer or something to that effect but that seems to be fro a really old version of mc. I'll keep digging. Looking at how BlockModelRenderer handles it. More Information, fairly sure getGrassColor is for Blocks.GRASS and Blocks.TALL_GR
  13. This all takes place in rendering on the client so not a problem. For a chameleon like ability.
  14. I tried getting the block under the entity and.... colorInt = targetEntity.world.getBiome(new BlockPos(entityX, entityY, entityZ)).getGrassColor(entityX, entityZ) Expecting, hoping, to get the current shifted color of the grass [also tried this with foliage] but it only seems to return the default colors for grass not shifted for the biome [biome grass color]. What am I missing? Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm currently working on my own code that uses the temp/humidity to shift the colors but would rather not reinvent the wheel. Thanks
  15. So new information... Since I could not get the error today in the vanilla world I wrote it off as a glitch. Went into my code in eclipse and ran my mod and the glitch/error/whatever was there I fell through the horse. So I went back into the Minecraft Launcher, I ran the vanilla world to do the test and it happens there as well. How can there be cross contamination, Minrcreaft Launcher puts the world save in AppData\Roaming\.minecraft. {though of anther test, be right back} So whats going on? How can two unrelated programs do the same thing? I can't understand unless the
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