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  1. Hi, i install forge properly on the recommened build, minecraft 1.4.6 without any other mods or any texture pack on. my minecraft doesn't crash, but it just stays on black screen after done loading. i used a program which shows what the problem is then (i dont remember the name) this is what it shows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4fo05t8mwfjvb2/0.png (sorry for link, putting in image didn't work) this doesn't have anything to do with the program i used to see this, since its a 3rd party tool. it's weird what it shows, since i didn't have optifine installed, any kind of texture pack (default i had) on, neither i installed it through mcpatcher, i installed it manually (putting every file of forge in minecraft.jar and delete every META-INF file starting with mojang) i have no idea what goes wrong. Can please someone help me?
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