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  1. This is what Minecraft does when I launch it: 1) Displays log in screen. I can log in. 2) Proceeds through the 'setting up Minecraft Forge' form, and appears to complete all steps without a problem. 3) Displays a black screen. 4) Displays the Mojang logo. 5) Displays another black screen, which appears to last indefinitely. These are the steps I am using to install (using the recommended version and the 7Zip utility to extract files): 1) Downloaded the file from here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,5.0.html Direct Universal Recommended. 2) Opened both that file and the minecraft.jar in 7Zip. 3) Dragged all the files across from that file into Minecraft.jar and confirmed I Wish to copy them. 4) Deleted META-INF. 5) Closed the Minecraft.jar and ran Minecraft. The game does not go to any crash screen, however here is Command Prompt output. First, I have the output for launching the game without Minecraft Forge (and exiting normally), followed by the output with Minecraft Forge enabled. Edit#1: I have not modified the Minecraft /bin/ in any way except installing Minecraft Forge as I stated above. I have attempted this installation 3 times following the instructions above. I have tried installing without removing META-INF as well. Operating system information: http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g81/azoundria/osversion_zpsb2aabdfa.gif[/img] (Do not know why Windows doesn't let me copy this as text.) Edit#2: Figured it out. I had left some files in the /mods/ folder, from before, which worked with modloader fine and were causing an issue with Minecraft Forge. Upon renaming the /mods/ folder it appears to launch successfully. It would be cool if Minecraft Forge was smart enough to discard outdated mods, or display a relevant error.
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