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  1. Well... out of curiosity, I did some more tests in an actual Minecraft world (random terrain and caves and all). The pathfinder seemed to work much smoother under those circumstances, figuring out paths through winding caves at least mostly-reliably? I can't think of why it would work better in a chaotic, randomly-generated environment than in my test world with simple single correct paths to follow, but I guess that means I have a lot of learning to do. I might take a crack at writing a new pathfinder, but that's getting filed under "maybe in an update" for now. Thank you for
  2. So, I have an EntityTameable that can be told to search for a block. When it finds that block, it tries to walk as close as it can to that block, using getNavigator().tryMoveToXYZ([block coords + one y level]). Only, if the target coordinates are above the entity, the entity's navigator seems to prioritize a short path that takes the entity below the target over a longer path that will actually reach the target. Example: In this setup, if I spawn the entity on the ground and tell it to find emerald ore, I expect that it should climb up and around the quartz path to stand on the emerald or
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