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  1. Ok, I will try it . It works Thank you both for helping even if I was annoying XD.
  2. so i have to do it like that java forge-1.11.2- -Xmx3G -Xms3G -jar
  3. Ok I started it now via cmd same results.
  4. ok i did the normal ok i did youre comand the java comand box you know the white one is lik 312m 21% free ram i was just confused because that cant be 3g ram
  5. I got an Forge server and I want to aply 8g of ram but how?
  6. it works the forge jar works but it only has 3g of ram can i make it into 8 if i just make the comand xmx8g then xmx3g
  7. See the picture again. And i made the question mark because i asked what can we do with that information now.
  8. It worked, sry for not following these comands right way. Thanks for helping ok now what can we do with that information?
  9. Oh my gosh i just notices so sry for beeing stupid.
  10. No i have the entire drive for the server. But ok i will put it in an folder when you want.
  11. Yes it didnt said error youre right it said that.
  12. I try to do it via comand line in my case the comand line is cd E:\forge-1.11.2- but it says error. Im new to this is the comand wrong an where is it wrong
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