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  1. Download from Forge, fail Download from Mo' Creatures sight, no errors with FML ...............Problem solved for no good reason 1. Cleanly installed (empty directory) Minecraft(1.4.6) 2. Ran Minecraft, created new world (no Errors) 3. Deleted META-INF 4. Input Forge (1.4.6- into minecraft.jar (excluding META-INF) 5. Ran Minecraft (loaded fine) 6. Opened previously made world ((Entity being ticked --Details: Entity Type: Sheep)) 6a. Created new world ((Stops at Building Terrain)) No mods installed and no issues with previous versions with mods on PC all PC Drivers and Java are up to date /////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////// [[FORGE_AT.CFG AND FML_AT.CFG]]] are installed properly unless they are not suppose to be in the minecraft.jar file where the instructions state where they are to be put
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