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  1. you put toooooooooooooooo much attention on avoiding copy/paste, which blinds you from understanding other people. That's why insulting you is the right thing to do
  2. your problem is, you assume others know what you know, but for most of the time it is NOT the case. And also, you view learning through examples as copy/paste, which is even worse than assuming other people's knowledge and background.
  3. you said "Make a counter", not "Make a instance variable", and as i said, i don't know whether this "counter" refers to a built in method or an instance variable.
  4. i understand the concept long before i start to ask here, the thing i really don't know is update(), i don't know if it has some "no sense" properties cause i did not write forge codes
  5. Most important point for having an example for a problem that you think simple is that I could know whether I get your meaning correctly! Cause you might don't know which part really got me confused and I might get your words incorrectly. A simple example could solve all those confusions.
  6. you know, in that example, it is not in the update() method of forge, so how do i know that way of making a counter would work the same on update()? what if the update() method has some unknown reason causing that logic to fail? I did not invent the update() method
  7. the problem is not about that simple logic, i ask for help because that is the logic i want to achieve. It is rather because I don't know whether the "counter" means a built in method for the update() or is it just a number you create in your class. Even if it is just a number you create, how do i know if java has some "none sense" rules for a counter? You never know how the creater of java thinks!
  8. the thing is someone thinks that asking for an example is equivalent to wanting copy/paste, which is absolutely WRONG!
  9. it's my problem for missing the word "professional" in my original description.
  10. and rudeness is what you get for imposing your idea and way of learning to others. And by the way, i DID NOT copy anyone's working code cause the example is not gonna work for my code if i copy! i actually already get what a counter is before he post the example! it just because you act like an asshole so i replied ok?! I really don't like you kind of people and don't need your help, so please, add me to your ignore least. you mother fucker!
  11. that is a really BAD definition for professional computer programmer. i tried google "counter" in programming and it gives me program counter which is NOT what i need. It is an answer that you think is easy to find yet it's not. I need a very simple example just to understand what a counter means, it is definitely NOT a hard thing for you guys to do. Even if you don't, i won't blame you for that cause it is not you obligation to tell me what i asked. But, when someone give me an example which is just enough for me to understand what a counter is, it is your problem to ask him/her to delete that, and in my opinion that behavior is extremely RUDE! So, in that sense you are already in no position to have my respect.
  12. my problem is already solved you dumbass! it's you being a selfish dumbass first so i replied. Since you are not being helpful i don't need your future help either, you are also on my ignore list
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