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  1. Setting the EntityViewRenderEvent.CameraSetup event yaw and pitch to that of my camera rotation and putting the FOV up to quake pro actually works well enough for my needs and I expect it will still render enough chunks even when the camera is offset from the player centre by some small amounts. Looks like the setRenderViewEntity problem will have to remain a mystery. Edit: Entities e.g. signs still disappear sometimes presumably because their visibility is calculated using the hardcoded third person zoom amount 4.0 rather than my camera's zoom level. I might look into how the shou
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. However, my interpretation of zoom here is translating the camera further away from the player rather than adjusting the FOV. Granted, these two approaches would have similar results when close to the player, but I'm more interested in zooming out a bit so I expect there will be warping with a higher FOV. I could use your suggestion along with the CameraSetup event and get a working solution with correct chunk rendering which is honestly looking very tempting now. It's just frustrating that I would have to accept that I could never centre the camera on a
  3. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/topic/17770-solved-changing-eye-height-camera-render-viewpoint/ I tried also setting the camEntity.prevPosX etc. as suggested in this post by coolAlias but unfortunately this didn't appear to solve the problem. I guess I'll have to look into how to manually feed the world renderer a different view frustum seeing as the easy route isn't going well.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to make a third person camera mod similar to the camera in the Dark Souls games, that is the camera can rotate around the player and movement is relative to the current view. At first I used the EntityViewRenderEvent.CameraSetup event to set the pitch and yaw of the camera but chunks behind the player's view were not rendered until the player moved. I fixed this by changing the location of the player by a very small amount each tick. However I wanted more control over the camera (e.g. zoom) so I adapted the MineShot camera coremod to suit my needs and transformed the camer
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