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  1. It launches it, maybe it was the -o true my friend MegaMineGuide told me to put in, or maybe it was because I was using 32-bit java when I tried before but now it works! Logistics Pipes derped on ID's in my client config, but it works! I am surprised how easy it was, I thought it would tat some crazy lines of code in the run.bat, but I was mistaken, thanks man!
  2. I have read the EAQ/FAQ/IAQ/<insert_letter_here>AQ, and the last 4 pages, and the Forge Wiki, and even the MinecraftWiki, and I have found no clue on how I should set up a run script [.bat because I have windows] to launch my Forge Server with many mods, such as BuildCraft, Biomes o' Plenty, Forge MultiPart, Thaumcraft 4 and the like. I tried using an old run script once, about two weeks, changing it to run the minecraftforge-universal-1.6.4-x.xx.x.xxx.jar of course, of course x is the number in the .jar's name. I also HAVE NOT renamed either .jar in my current set up [no script, just th
  3. What extra space, and i didn't touch the .CONFIG file?
  4. When I load up minecraft I get this 53 mods loaded Minecraft Forge FML v2.2.48.135 Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5 mod_CodeChickenCore : Post-initialized (minecraft.jar) mod_4096Fix : Post-initialized (minecraft.jar) mod_MinecraftForge : Post-initialized (minecraft.jar) mod_NotEnoughItems : Post-initialized (minecraft.jar) mod_ReiMinimap : Post-initialized ([1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.0_04.zip) mod_IC2 : Post-initialized (industrialcraft-2-client_1.95.jar) mod_IC2AdvancedMachines : Post-initialized (AdvancedMachines_4.0_client.zip) mod_AS_BattleTowers : Post-
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