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  1. well im trying to make a modpack so i created a minecraft save in the a separate folder and started making a modpack though there. Went i meant by client side is like included in the minecraft folder
  2. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/custom-main-menu
  3. what do you mean im using custom main menu 1.12.2
  4. i have no assets file though plus im using custom main menu mod
  5. and if i dont want to use a texture pack would there be a way to do it client side and not client cosmetic side
  6. can you help me or can you at least point me in the right direction
  7. well i know java but is there a video or a git hub page where i can get some help
  8. but i dont know how can i please have some help will it require me to create my own version of forge or work with some config
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