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  1. So I have been away from modding for a while and recently gotten back (I'm not asking for tutorials ). I have started to update my Better Ores Mod and was hoping I could get a few opinions on what was my original plans back in the days of beta. Back in beta and even through till now many mods add new ores/gem ores or some other type of mineable resource. The original plan was to have mods register that they require a new metal/gem with the API and the API would generate everything you might need i.e ore block, ingot, ingot storage block. The API would also and some customisation options, like dynamically changing the colour of the ore \ ingot in-game. I thought this would be nice for texture pack creators as they would generate the base image and give a colour of the different ores in the config file instead of creating ten different ore block textures with just slight colour variations. Around that time the Forge Ore dictionary was in development and I suggested adding the features I was thinking about it was rejected as forge was just for compatibility and not adding content. With the mods now I have seen that dusts of ores/gems are being used al ot as well as nuggets of the different metals. I plan on adding some new auto generated content to the API as a result for this. Ideally this is the way it would work. @PreInit .... { .... .... BetterOre copper = BetterOreAPI->register(BOType.Metal,"copper"); BetterOre ruby = BetterOreAPI->register(BOType.Gem,"ruby"); .... } This code would register copper ore blocks, copper ingots, copper nuggets, copper dust. Ore generation parameters will be defined to default parameters and can be changed by calling some mutation functions in the BetterOre class. Similarly ruby ore, ruby gems, ruby chips (I am going to add this as the nugget equivalent for gems ) and ruby dust. For alloy metals which would not have ore blocks, generation can be turned off. If there are conflicts between mods turning ore generation of the "same" metal/gem off and on then we need a way to handle this, I have not come to a conclusion about this yet. For both of theres new types and entry under the mod configuration GUI (I use GuiAPI) there will be options for colour of the types an maybe some other configuration. This whole wall of text might seem haphazard and probably is but I have been debating on what to do with my API (even if nobody uses it ). I would love to hear some sort of feedback. Please check the link to the BetterOres mod to see some screens of what I am talking about. I'll link new screens once I have them.
  2. Are there any tutorials for multipass block rendering? I have a base block texture and overlay texture which I used with a custom block renderer i wrote. This, however, leads to the problem of the block breaking texture not being displayed. I assume that the Multipass rendering solves this?
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