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  1. Cool, works through Gradle now, thanks!
  2. I saw that too, but got this. Ignoring the warning and running it anyway gives the same error. I'm probably doing it wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Looks like Gradle doesn't accept a list there, so that didn't work. Adding the parameters to the IntelliJ run config worked, though.
  4. How can I set the username for the player with the runClient task in ForgeGradle? My mod stores some data per user so I need to do this to test it out. I believe I need to set something like the --username flag but the following did not work out: runClient { args ['--username sargunster'] }
  5. Which version of Forge are you using? I'm getting the same problem with Forge Currently I'm working around the problem by commenting out lines 445 and 446 of FMLModContainer.java, but a proper solution would be appreciated.
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