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  1. Learning at least the basics of Java first is definitely necessary, although it will be easier if you have other programming knowledge. After that, just a few things I've picked up recently: Tutorials: Looking at some tutorials/example mods will get you the basics of modding. A few good resources that I've found: I've also found it to be very beneficial to join modding Discord servers. You can ask questions and get help from some of the best modders out there. A few good servers would be the official Forge server or the MMD server. Above all, the Forge docs shoul
  2. Good to hear! Explaining things well and making sure everything was correct was one of my main goals in these tutorials (which is why I was very appreciative of diesieben07's help earlier).
  3. Yeah, there will be more eventually. I'd rather wait until 1.13 to make any new ones because of all the changes, but I might do a few more 1.12.2 tutorials because 1.13 is taking longer than I thought it would. Either way though, I'm really busy with school right now so I don't know when I'll have time to make more tutorials.
  4. First of all, use spoilers for your crash reports: That way we don't have to scroll down a big wall of text all the time. Second, make sure you're downloading your mods from a reputable source (preferably http://minecraft.curseforge.com). You listed 9Minecraft as your source for Quark, which is not a reputable source. More info: http://stopmodreposts.org/
  5. Thanks, but I don't really need a list (and most of your items were on my list anyway). Also, Forge for 1.13 isn't even out yet, so I'm definitely not in a position to be making tutorials for 1.13 anyway.
  6. Thanks for the ideas! I'm not planning on doing any more 1.12.2 tutorials due to the massive amount of changes coming in 1.13, but I'll definitely keep these in mind once I start again!
  7. Looking at the code for the /give command, it looks like you have to have the player drop the item stack using player.dropItem(itemstack, false). Then make the resulting EntityItem have no pickup delay and set the owner to the player (entityitem.setNoPickupDelay() and entityitem.setOwner(entityplayer.getName()), respectively). I've never messed with commands before, though, so I may be wrong.
  8. Where are you running this code?
  9. I understand. Well, thanks at least for helping me with mine!
  10. Fixed (hopefully). You know, maybe you should make your own tutorials. It seems like you're the only one around here that knows what you're doing. Looking at the source of mods like Tinker's Construct and Iron Chests, even those mods are doing things like using common proxies. I feel like there needs to be somewhere where people can look to find how to do this the right way, and the official Forge documentation just doesn't tell you that much.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Everything should be updated now to be a little more correct. This is why I wanted to make tutorials in the first place, because nobody ever tells new modders the correct way of doing things. They just have to figure it out for themselves, and usually they figure it out wrong. Hopefully, people will start learning things right now that I've gotten some help.
  12. You can get the current FPS by calling Minecraft.getDebugFPS().
  13. https://cubicoder.github.io/ These tutorials are meant to help others learn how to mod Minecraft using Forge, as well as learn the concepts behind the code. If you don’t know any Java, please go learn some and come back! There are lots of great Java tutorials online, and trying to mod Minecraft without a good understanding of Java is very confusing. Any *constructive* feedback is welcome, as I'm trying to make these tutorials as accurate as possible to the "correct" way of doing things! EDIT: Please note that the website has moved! I have decided to move to
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