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  1. I have a successful community using this mod, but problem is no one can use buy/sell signs. It give s a!? output for the buy and name. Is this going to keep all economy plugins from working? Or is there a plugin that I can use through bukkitforge to make buy/selling possible?
  2. Actually just found it by accident. https://github.com/keepcalm/BukkitForge/blob/master/lib/guava10-renamed.jar?raw=true Just put that in your mods folder.
  3. It is under the ticket section for his github. It is the solution for some closed tickets. I don't have the exact link now.
  4. Found the guava10-renamed and that fixed it for me from github. Thanks for putting all this effort in.
  5. I got Bukkitforge 1.4.6-6 put in my coremods. It worked great on the server. I then put forgecore 1.4.5-0 in coremods. It would not initialize part of the file and would crash. I can replicate if need be but before wasting your time and mine this is because it is 1.4.5 and being used on a 1.4.6 server correct? I didn't find a 1.4.6 version of it. I tried essentials jar files from the 2.9.5 in the plugins folder and the server will start but no command will read/work in chat. I take it is because forge core is needed correct? Thanks for putting in the time on this project btw and have a Merry Christmas.
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