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  1. Thank you very much, it helped me too much, I already solved the problem
  2. Hello By chance, does anyone know why this fault is generated? or do you need another recipe? the names I wrote several times, copied and pasted, to avoid mistakes but nothing please, and thanks for your help
  3. 1.Thank you, for my error in the title.:D 2.I am creating a mod, but it does not modify the stairs, so that they rotate as in vanilla. I need help to know how to join the stair, or in any case the code
  4. hello, some way to turn the stair? thanks
  5. no more, but now I do not know what it is, this ...
  6. jaja apparently if you're right I wrote it wrong, thanks for that ?, but I already change it and it's the same ?
  7. Yes, apparently, but now the question, how to solve it? I'm seeing that it went wrong, maybe I wrote something wrong
  8. am, these? I'm sorry if I'm wrong I'm new @LittleOne
  9. My slabs are not rendering in the inventory or they do not render as items. They look like big black/purple squares when throwing them on the floor. My BlockSlab: My list My events My .json So, you see I'm new to this What is my mistake and how to solve it? please and thank you
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