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  1. Sorry i mean i had to redo it cause i accidentally delete the client flies when i was deleting a different .minecraft files that had different versions of configs and mods.t. No i use regular mc, and it isn't the debug. log that is in the logs folder?
  2. https://pastebin.com/KFmzUupk had to re-download the pack to get a new debug so heres a new crash report with a debug.log https://pastebin.com/b6gD8ckh Not sure if thats all you needed or if you needed to post more. Never posted a debug log before
  3. https://pastebin.com/rsFRZYT1 Thought it was a ram issue at first but put about 10 ram into still crashed. Along with removing mods not to sure what else i can try.
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