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  1. I asked this once before, further up in the thread, but didn't get a response (except for one person thinking it was a great idea) I will ask again.... I am curious, are there any multi-world plugins that work with Bukkitforge? I have tried Myworlds, Multi-verse, multiworlds, and afew others not worth mentioning. I am not trying to be rude, i am just hoping that there is either a plugin that can do this or one is in the works. Thank you. Great work by the way.
  2. Is there any Multiworld plugins that are currently working with Bukkitforge? I have tried Myworlds (my personal favorite), Multiworld, Multiverse, and a few others. None of the plugins I have tried are working and I would really like to have the freedom of multiworld support. That is truly something I miss from my old Bukkit Server, being able to set up different worlds and teleport between them. If there is a multiworld plugin currently working with Bukkitforge may I inquire as to which one it is? And if not, might I request that one get ported to your wonderful mod? (I don't care which one, just so there is one) Thank you.
  3. I was curious...( I did look for my answer first, but could not locate it. If it is there I am sorry I did not see it.) any-who... I was wondering does it matter what version of a craftbukkit plugin we use? I noticed in the startup log Bukkitforge is emulating 1.4.5.R.02 is this correct? Can we use plugins that are for the current build of Craftbukkit? or do we need to stick to a certain build or version? Does it even matter? *edit* The reason I ask is I am trying to use Myworlds and BKCommonLib and the start up log is telling me that they cannot load because they are the wrong version. I have tried to use other versions but I get the same errors. here is a link to the log file: http://db.tt/bQqeoJtb Thank you.
  4. Awesome Mod, thank you so much for creating this. I have wanted to stop using my craftbukkit server and create a new one with forge mods, but did not want to lose the bukkit mods that I use all the time. With this mod that should be a reality. So thank you. I have two requests, could you please port over WorldEdit (I know you plan on doing this ) and also neoPaintingSwitch which can be found here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/paintingswitch/ . even if you decide not to port those, thank you for this wonderful mod.
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