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  1. Apparently the devs saw fit to try and keep it quiet by deleting it (for some reason or another). Forge is causing massive lag for a select few. It's forge, nothing else. When it comes down to having forge with no other mods, or forge with a ton of mods, the culprit is always forge. We're aware that we have to "profile the minecraft app" to figure it out. What we're not aware of is how. You tell us to google it, but googling it simply gives us tools to do it, nothing explains how. We're end users. We're not required to know this stuff. There was a time when the developers of both optifine and modloader had an issue like this. It was extremely isolated. Know what they did? They acknowledged and helped. We are ALSO aware that it's an isolated incident, but that doesn't make it any less of an issue. If you could tell us how to get this "profile", we could cooperate with you and help...but deleting the thread (or possibly moving it, not sure, don't have time to look) is a little shady. Don't forget, it was us users who made your mod popular. Not the developers. Please, try not to go mass-denial this time, erasing the thread. EDIT: My postcount WAS 3 before starting this thread. It has now been put down, meaning the thread was outright deleted.
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