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  1. I have created many worlds in minecraft, some are full ocean, some are full sand, some are full iced, and some are full forest of oak, some have very astonishing views, some have very fantastic idea of farming because of its plain plains but with so much plains biomes. Its sad if evrytime I can focus on one world, the others are forgotten, But I still need those maps that has so many setup naturally thats Not even exist on the new/other one. Now it came into my heart not to destroy/delete most of it instead created a damn impossible question: 1. is it possible to teleport acr
  2. Thanks but I already stated: please read the very first paragraph of my post. "I have a very huge problem making account on gist github, I cant tell AE 2 modders about my problem on thier mod since in curseforge we cant make a comment on thier page, so please respect for I will state my issue about Applied Energistics 2 HERE instead!!" thanks so much
  3. I have a very huge problem making account on gist github, I cant tell AE 2 modders about my problem on thier mod since in curseforge we cant make a comment on thier page, so please respect for I will state my issue about Applied Energistics 2 HERE instead!! Version of Forge from forge1.12.2- to forge1.12.2- Ive tried 5 versions of forge Version of AE 2 == from rv6.stable build 1 to rv6.stable build 4 Ive tried all My problem is everytime I setup any cable and attach it with any terminal, crafting terminal, fluid terminal, pattern etc the game wil
  4. What versions, 1.12.2 for me Im using Techguns, Flans and Mr.Crayfish guns, but theres more like Vics modernwarfare, but its pain in the ass like that mods is almost 100mb in size thats why Im not using it.
  5. Um still having this same problem and im not using any kind of shaders not even optifine, but why I cant use diffrnt NPC skins from downloads???? any other reason please so i can fix or is it really in your mod???
  6. I hope Im in the right place to post this since I have No where to put this in, As the title says, is there any good modder out there? Im asking/requesting to make a mod about trading a trading block the same as the "Nopes Costom NPC" Traders do, but more advance and not an npc but a block. Can be edited like Custom npc using wand to edit and has more slots for items to put, and more options for trading what items for exchange for the item, upgradable using nether star, an upgrade to add more slots, upgrade to durability to become undestructable so no one can brake it, and upgrade
  7. IiM NOT A MODDER but I have an idea, clone that npc make the other one to spawn day and the other one spawn at night. The one who spawns at daytime will be in the market and the one who spawns at night will be in the tavern lying down in the bed or wandering inside the house.
  8. here it shows the engine speed Not changing the engine yet. then i use this command now... after executing that command...speed still the same. can you tell me really how to make things right? if i use engineType and enginetype still got the txt but it didnt change the engine, in this case i didnt use the vehicle to save the NBT i hope. If thats the case how am I going to type that in? including NBT cases
  9. ugh! this going too hard now, so you mean i need to include NBT but how, well I will try summon the vehicle and change the engine before using it I think and try to hold a new engine that im going to insert in the vehicle in my hand. Maybe this will not affect the NBT i hope. Going back to the game...
  10. oh sorry for the link. I think that text is successfull right??? But im honestly sure the engine stays the same and so as the speed means it didnt change the engine, maybe it is the mods problem I think... well thanks anyway I should tell Mr Crayfish about this, and I hope Im not the only one have the problem...
  11. now i got this: https://imgur.com/40a93573-22a6-44a8-83e7-92258a087b7f please help, I used this command: /entitydata @e[r=2,type=vehicle:mini_bike] {engineType:4} nothing happened but only got this on the screen.. What is going on???
  12. thanks, using this command I already tried riding on vehicle, and tried just facing it and also tried using command block just like what Mr Crayfish did in his video, first it is working but he just updated it a while ago i think, now its not working so how am I going to type it in, is it like: /entitydata @e:type= or please sorry i really dont know. for example one of the vehice "id:atv, so where do i insert it, do I still need to put = sign after entity name, and do i still need radius if i already specify the entity? please. is it likie this: /entitydata atv {engineType:4}
  13. /entitydata @e[r=2] {engineType:1-4} Ive been using this command since Mr crayfish posted this on one of his youtube video, but then in the latest update its NOT working anymore, Ive asked in his post if it has been change or not and still got no reply.. can anyone tell me whats the new one or Im wrong on typing this coz im not good on commands and everytime i type this i always get error saying: "(my name in minecraft) is a player and not an entity" PLease help!!! Thanks soo much.
  14. Lol i just forget to include in the list Varied comodeties of Noppes Custom NPC separated Stuff, and YES it is the one causes all my item full stacks reduced half. And not allowing me to sleep in bed and making me stay awake whole night!!! Problem solved.
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