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  1. It is not so much to stop those that want to purposely cause harm to the server, that is near impossible to stop. It is to prevent those who do not know better from logging on with a mod on their client that many cause lag to the server. On the FTB server that I admin on when I logged on with Treecapitator it caused the server TPS to drop from 20-12. If it was someone else who had the mod on their client i would never know and the server would just be laggy, If there was a tool to allow only certain mods then that could easily be prevented.
  2. Currently there is no way to black list or white list mods that players can log onto the server with. I recognize that it is server admins problem but currently there are no tools for the server admin to use.
  3. On the FTB server that i am running when players log on with some mods that are not on the server, It causes the server TPS to go from 20 tp 10-15. I would like to suggest a config or a folder where server managers can drop mods to be blacklisted so that servers can try and block X-Ray mods and mods that may cause lag to the server. Another method that this could also be done is to add a option to the forge config to not allow players to log on with mods that are not on the server or white-listed by the server. Thx
  4. It does not work. https://github.com/keepcalm/BukkitForge/issues/29 kk, thx. I look forward to having it but for now the ability to have proper warps and homes and such is epic enough. Thx for the awesome mod
  5. Does anyone have World Edit working with BukkitForge. When i try and use it, it comes up with null error's. If others have this working plz tell me what i am doing wrong Thx
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