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  1. Okay... I got mine from [Link Removed] But the website looks just the same... Here's a few questions: Was the icon a odd version of the minecraft launcher's icon (The grass block, but 2D)? How many terms of services was there? and What kind of background for the installer was used (was it like the odd icon)?
  2. I think that Forge has paired up with some company and done some pretty annoying stuff. As I was getting forge for Minecraft, and I went through the installer, I found a odd number of terms of services. So as it was downloading, I found my computer moved the entire screen down, and some app I never wanted appeared on the top. Luckily, I know about Task Manager, and I stopped it. Anyway, my suggestion is to get a better installer and make it so you don't give away apps people never wanted to get.
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