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  1. You mean from the perspective of me as modder? I'm trying to add pollution to the environment when the player uses "unclean" items as fuel in a furnace. The amount of pollution is dependent on the item used as fuel. For this I need to have my mod add pollution the moment a fuel item is consumed.
  2. Hello! So I was looking into making my mod do something when a fuel item in a furnace is consumed. Apparently there is currently no way to find out when a fuel item is consumed, since FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent is not only fired when a fuel item is consumed, but also when a fuel item is inserted into a furnace (sometimes multiple times). (If someone knows another way to do this, please enlighten me) Therefore, I'd like to suggest to add a new event that will fire only when a fuel item is consumed. This event should at least contain the ItemStack and the burnTime,
  3. I'd rather not overwrite the vanilla furnace. Perhaps I could work on a subevent of FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent which would only fire when the burnTime is checked to add burnTime to the furnace, while the main event would still fire every time burnTime is checked? I should probably post a suggestion for this first since I don't trust my coding skills too much and to poll other people's opinions. Thanks for your help though, I'll shelve my mod idea for now.
  4. I guess I could work around it by releasing the pollution whenever the items are inserted into the furnace, and subtracting it if they are taken out again, but that seems rather messy to me.
  5. I was thinking of releasing something like pollution into the environment when an unclean fuel source is used. Is there no "hacky" way of doing it by keeping track of the items in the inventory? I imagine this would be quite resource intensive though.
  6. Hello! I've been trying to make something happen in my mod when a fuel item in for example a vanilla furnace is consumed, but I can't quite figure out how to do this. The event that came close was the FurnaceFuelBurnTimeEvent, which fires whenever a fuel item is used, but it also fires when an item is inserted into the fuel slot of the furnace. When it is inserted using shift-click, it even fires twice and when inserted using a hopper it fires even more often. How would I go about making my mod do something only when a fuel item is actually consumed? Than
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