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  1. Yeah, I got that already. Pam's mod requires it to run, and seeing that all went smoothly, I had to take note it was in Forge already.
  2. Forge duplicates Modloaders functionality...Did not know that. I put in Forge, put in Pams Harvestcraft, no 4096 fix, 'cause that was spouting errors up the wazoo, and...It worked. Nothing asploded, computer didn't meltdown...And I didn't even need to do much. Just remove one mod. Thank you, so much! I am now certain I am a complete idiot for not trying that.
  3. Oops, must have messed that up. I'll try to run a mod that requires Modloader & Forge to work. (Pam's Harvestcraft for this.) Mods loaded in order: Modloader, MinecraftForge, 4096Fix, Pam's Harvestcraft. I'm not sure if this means much towards the fix, but when I move the Forge up, on top of the Modloader, (As in Mods loaded: Forge, modloader, etc...) Modloader has 10 errors, and Forge is ok. The error report for the modloader error is as follows:
  4. I don't recall adding two other forge versions into my minecraft. Once I got the error, and Minecraft blackscreened, I deleted the .jar, ran minecraft, and tried again. I got the same result. Unless I'm missing something.
  5. I'm using Magic Launcher to install my mods, and all went well until I had to get a new version of Forge. I forgot my previous version, but it was before 3.3.7. For sure. Anyways, I got the latest version, and I got "Two errors." The error log was as follows: Once I got the "two errors" message, I didn't download any other mod. But I ALWAYS downloaded in the order of Modloader, ModloaderMP, Forge, and then other mods. I'm not at all sure why this is happening, for I was playing with it just fine not an hour ago. Any help would be appreciated.
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